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December 27-31, 2014

We dashed off to Catalonia between Christmas and New Year’s – the days are short and the nights are long that time of year, and Barcelona handles the dark by lighting up every thoroughfare with Christmas decorations. Temperatures hovered around the upper 40s F, and the locals swarmed the streets day and night. A great holiday vibe.

We stayed at the Catalonia Square, a modern, friendly hotel in a good location near the top of Les Rambles.

Things we liked:

And always Gaudí. We picked up tickets ahead of time to skip the line that wrapped around the Sagrada Família.
Even though the completion date keeps getting pushed further into the future, the interior of the cathedral has come a remarkable way since we first visited in 2010. Most of the ground floor is open, and the light pouring through the stained glass is breathtaking.

And we got to see Gaudí’s Pedrera this time, thinking ahead enough to reserve a spot on the night tour. Recommended.